Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Rocky Mountainer, Canada.

The Rocky Mountainer provides luxurious train service between Calgary and Vancouver.

Steetcar # 23, Nelson, B.C., Canada.

Built in  1906, Car 23 served Nelson residents between 1925 and 1949. After 10 years of restoration work, it resumed service in 1992 as a tourist attraction.

The Ghan, Alice Springs, Australia

The Ghan is a passenger train operating between Adelaide and Alice Springs in Australia.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Eastern End of Fillmore & Western Railway, U. S. A.

This City Hall and public park are the eastern end of the historic Fillmore & Western Railway that runs west to Sana Paula in Ventura Country, California.

F-7A Locomotives 100 & 101 - Fillmore & Western Railway, U.S.A.

Diesel locomotives 100 & 101 are the streamliner era units from the Golden Age of rail travel. They were built in 1949 by the Electro Motive Division of General Motors for the Chicago & Northwestern Railway and came to Fillmore & Western Railway in 1992. Referred to as "F7's", these diesels keep the good times rolling for the Fillmore & Western dinner trains and daytime excursions.

Diesel Locomotive # 4009 "Boris", Filmore & Western Railway, U. S. A.

Built by Alco in 1961 for the Southern Pacific Railroad, "Boris" now does regular service for Fillmore & Western Railway as the power unit for the famous Murder Mystery Dinner Train or the daytime excursions.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Official Post Card of Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC

This is a official (souvenior ?)postcard published by Taiwan Railways Administration in connection with Philataipei2016 Exhibition held in Taipei, Taiwan from21.10.2016 -26.10.2016. I picked up this card from the Taiwan Railways stall at the exhibition.

Mt. Ali Sakura Train, Alishan, Taiwan.

This card was also purchased when I visited Alishan on 24th October 2016. On this day the Steam Locomotive was not in operation.