Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Local Railway Scenary in Netherlands.

A local scenery in Netherlands where a train is approaching a un identified railway station in Nertherlands. 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Carriages of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, U. S.A.

Burlington's afternoon fleet to the Twin Cities lines up in Chicago in the late 1950's. Northern Pacific's Vista Dome "North Coast Limited" is rounded out with a 390 series sleeper-observation car containing four bedrooms and one compartment in addition to its buffet observation lounge. It was built in 1948 when NP streamlined the "N.C.L.," Great Northern # 1197, "Grand Coulee" bring up the rear of the Great Dome "Empire Builder". Pullman-Standard built the car in 1947, for the firtst streamlined "Empire Builder". When domes were added to the "E.B" in 1955, the "Coulee" observations were re-built and six roomettes were added. Burlington's Vista Dome Observation " Silver Terrace" was built by Budd for the "Kansas City Zephyr", but here it is carrying the markers of the Chicago to Twin Cities "Afternoon Zephyr". The "Zephyr" terminates in Minneapolis, and the "N.C.L" and "E.B" are turned over to their respective parent roads for their transcontinental journey to Seattle and Portland.

A Typical Local Train in Belarus.

This is a typical local train hulled by a Diesel Locomotive in Belarus. 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Kyushu Railway, Japan.

Kyushu Railway was a company that built and operated railways in Kyushu, one of four main islands of Japan. Most of its lines came under the control of Japan Railways following nationalization in 1907, and many are now operated by Kyushu Railway Company.  Here you see a train on the railway line between Kumamoto and Miyaji.

Friday, 10 January 2014

A Steam Locomotive in Netherlands.

Guterzugdampf Locomotive with a Passenger Train, Germany.

This is Locomotive Number 86 549 (Guterzugdampf Locomotive) with a passenger train in Crottendorf, Germany in January 1969.

DR Class 132 / DBAG Class 232 Locomotive, Germany

DR Class 132 or DBAG Class 232 Locomotives built in 1972, and entered the service in 1974.

They were produced in the Soviet Union in Luhansk, Ukraine from the 1970s onwards, and were imported into the GDR. After the reunification of Germany the Deutsche Bahn (DBAG) inherited them and continue to make use of them - mainly as heavy freight locomotives.

Here Locomotive Number 232 457 is hauling a heavy freight train loaded with coal through the country side of Germany near Narsdorf in 2006.