Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Krasnoluzhsky Rail Bridge , Moscow, Russia.

The Krasnoluzhsky Rail Bridge was built in 1907. It was originaly known as the Nicholas II Bridge.The bridge carried tracks of Moscow Inner Ring Railroad across the Luzhniki bend. The 135-meter steel arch Bbidge (1400 metric tons) was considered a marvel of engineering, was proven by the 1908 flood. Water level exceeded the maximum design specification by a meter and a half. The bridge stood unharmed. After the February Revolution of 1917, the bridge was re-named the Krasnoluzhskv Beidge. After more than 90 years of service, the bridge required extensive repairs. The City preferred to replace the whole steel structure with a brand new arch over existing pillars. This was completed in 2001. New steel arch is superficially similar (but not identical) to the original design. The function of the bridge was not changed, it carries a railway line across Moskava River.

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