Sunday, 28 August 2011

Steam Loco No. 4 Loch, Isle of Man.

Loch was built in 1874 and is known to be the beloved by many as their "favourite" engine on the IOM railway, As originally built "Loch" was a small boilered locomotive, but she was rebuilt as a medium boilered locomotive in 1909.  No. 4 has the strange title of being what must surely be the first locomotive ever to (re)enter service on the day the line closed. Having been earmarked for re-boilering in 1967 by the 1968 season she was ready for service and steam tests were carried out accordingly. Fate intervened however and at the end of September 1968 the Peel and Ramsey lines closed for good. Fortunately, the Port Erin line was retained and No. 4 was familiar to many as the south based engine for many years, right up until her withdrawal from service after the 1995 Christmas services on the railway. She returned to service in 2002 and is now a regular fleet member once more.

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