Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The New Shasta Daylight, U.S.A.

The Shasta Daylight was a train operated by the  Southern Pacific Railroad, inaugurated on July 10, 1949 between  Oakland, California and Portland, Oregon. It was SP's third "Daylight" lightweight streamlined train. it had a fast 15 hour 30 minute schedule in either direction for the 713 mile trip through some of the most beautiful and spectacular mountain scenery of any train in North America. The Shasta Daylight replaced heavyweight trains on the same route that had required nearly a full day and night to complete the run. The Shasta Daylight was the first  diesel powered Daylight to enter service and the only Daylight to operate interstate. The scenic route of the Shasta Daylight passed its namesake mountain in daylight hours. In fact, the Shasta Daylights ran on the very flanks of  Mount Shasta.

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