Monday, 16 April 2012

Montpellier Tram Line 2, France

Montpellier became a talking point in recent decades as an innovative centre of modern architecture and urban development. The tramway, opened in 2000, satisfies this reputation. It is without doubt one of the most stylish public transport systems in the world. Especially the design of the rolling stock is very extravagant. The vehicles for line 2 are painted with colourful flowers. 

Line 2 opened for service on December 16, 2006. It is the longest tram line in France, with a length of 17.5 km and with 28 stations. The line travels between Jacou in the northeast and Saint-Jean-de-Védas in the southwest, via Castelnau-le-Lez (on the boundary with Le Crès) and the centre of Montpellier. Line 2 was built at a cost of €450 million. In April 2007, with the opening of Lines 3 and Line 4, Line 2 was diverted to run from Corum to the SNCF station at at Saint-Roch through Comédie. Part of Line 2, between Sabines and Saint-Jean-le-Sec, uses 2.5 km of an abandoned rail line. Line 2 is double tracked between Notre-Dame-de-Sablassou and Sabines. The remaining 3.5 km of the line is single tracked with passing loops.

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