Friday, 21 September 2012

Cévennes Steam Train, France.

The Cévennes steam train is a tourist train that runs between Anduze and Saint  Jean du Gard in the Cevennes in France. The train usually serves three stations  -  Anduze , Saint  Jean du Gard , Bambouserale Prafrance , and a fourth, Thoiras, only in the most important occasions.  The line is  just 14. 5 kilometers. On the line there are 9 viaducts, 1 steel metal bridge viaduct and three tunnels.  The line was opened on 26th May 1909. At that time it operated a train service for  passenger and freight traffic especially for silk Gard . Due to the WW 2 due to the decrease traffic line ceased to operate in 1940. The 1950s saw a return cargo for the steam train, with traffic due to logging, but again due to the declines in activities the train service was inturupted on 31st July 1971. Decommissioning and removal of the rails are considered.  In 1979 a group of enthusiasts takes over the lines and saved it from destruction. The tourist train project started  on 3rd June 1982.

Here you see the train on the Mescladou viaduct, whose 11 arches span the confluence of the Gardon de Mialet and the Gardon de Saint Jean du Gard, which together form the Gardon d'Anduze. This is one of the line's finest panoramas, and the train slows down to let passengers admire the Gate to the Cévennes they have crossed a few kilometres earlier. Looking down, you may see fish sparkling in the clear water.

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