Monday, 12 November 2012

Union Train Station, Portland, Oregon, U. S.A.

Portland's historic Union Station has been a central hub of transportation for the ever-growing metropolis.  Constructed in  1895 the grand new train station was to become the heart of the region's rail system.  It was built in the Italian Renaissance style, in a graceful curve that faced downtown. It was easily the finest rail station in the West, and was constructed in an elegant blend of brick, stucco and sandstone. Central to the station design was the 150-foot clock tower, which was later modified to include the neon "Go By Train" signs that are a familiar Portland icon today. The old, wooden station that had previously served the City was unceremoniously torn down. In the mid-1980s, the Portland Development Commission assumed ownership of Union Station, and a much needed, decade-long renovation began. In 1996, the newly-renovated structure was rededicated, marking its 100th Anniversary.

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