Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Kander Viaduct ner Frutigen, Switzerland.

The Kander Viaduct south of Frutigen provides a spectacular view of the valley leading up to the Lötschberg Pass. The postage stamp is showing the 265 metres long Kander-Viaduct as well. The viaduct spans the Kander river and its valley at an average height of 28 metres. It has 10 arches of 20 metres width and one of 25 metres width. The train runs towards south. The summits in the background is the Niesen Range 

A new viaduct has been built in 1981, it is 285 m long, making it the longest viaduct on the mountain route of the Lötschberg Railway. It stands 15 m north of the old viaduct and has the same spacing between its pillars.

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