Monday, 30 September 2013

Milan Central Railway Station, Italy.

Milan Central is the main railway station in Milan, Italy, and one of the main railway stations in Europe. The station was officially inaugurated in 1931 to replace the old central station built in  1864.  It is served by high speed lines and conventional lines connecting many Italian cities as well as nabouring countries. The design of the station was modeled after Union Station in Washington, DC and construction begins in 1912. Due to the Italian economic crisis during WW I, construction proceeded very slowly, and the project, rather simple at the beginning, kept changing and became more and more complex and majestic. Construction resumed in earnest in 1925 and on July 1, 1931 the station was officially opened. Its fa├žade is 200 meters wide and its vault is 72 meters high, a record when it was built. It has 24 platforms. Each day about 330,000 passengers use the station, totaling about 120 million per year.

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