Thursday, 21 February 2013

Montpellier Trams, France.

As part of the Montpellier Agglomération transport network, managed by TaM, Montpellier's tramway system is the ideal means of public transportation for getting around Montpellier, visiting many local tourist sites, and generally getting to know the area from a new perspective.
The blue tramway line 1, painted with white swallows, connects the northern part of the city with the Odysseum terminus on the southeast side. Line 2, colorfully decorated in flower-power, goes from east to west.
Montpellier’s two new tramway lines since April 6 2012 offering very contemporary designs by Christian Lacroix. Line 3 in warm and dreamy summer colors. Line 4, on the other hand, will be bright. The fourth line will circulate around the center of Montpellier.

The tramway lines are
• Line 1: Mosson-Odysseum
• Line 2: Jacou - Saint Jean de Védas
• Line 3 : Juvignac, Montpellier, Lattes and Pérols
• Line 4 : Montpellier City center

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