Thursday, 27 June 2013

The "Flying Scotsman" Locomotive # 4472, United Kingdom.

The Flying Scotsman is an express passenger train service that has been running between London and Edinburgh since 1862.  The East Coast Main Line over which the Flying Scotsman runs was built in the 19th century by many small railway companies, but mergers and acquisitions led to only three companies controlling the route. In 1860 the three companies established the East Coast Joint Stock for through services using common vehicles, and it is from this agreement that the Flying Scotsman came about.

The LNER Class A3 Pacific Steam Locomotive No 4472 Flying Scotsman (originally No. 1472) was built in 1923 for theLondon and North Eastern Railway (LNER).  It was employed on long-distance express trains on the LNER and its successors, British Railways Eastern and North-Eastern Regions, notably on the 10am London to Edinburgh Flying Scotsman Train service after which it was named.

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