Friday, 7 December 2012

Fan Shapped Locomotive Depot, Changhua, Taiwan.

Changhua County in Taiwan  has the only remaining fan-shaped railway garage in Taiwan , which is also Southeast Asia's only "locomotive hotel". Here  preserved are all kinds of  antique trains of Taiwan. Built in 1922, the fan-shaped train depot of Taiwan Railway  is one of the few remaining and operating train depots in Taiwan, charting a profound historical significance and cultural preservation value. In a semi-circular formation, the fan-shaped train depot consists of 12 tracks and one turntable; the tracks follow along the turntable and spread out towards the depot. The locomotives at the time of construction were all steam locomotives; steam pipes for steam can thus be seen on top of every track unit. Such is its ingeniousness in both design and practical use that the Train Depot was lavished with the status of county-designated historical heritage in 2000.

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