Saturday, 1 December 2012

Valencia Railway Station, Spain.

The Norte Railway Station of Valencia is located in the heart of Valencia is a modernist jewel of the city, with "Sezesión Vienesa" style, was built between 1906 and 1917.  On the front façane you can see the most typical elements of valencian culture: oranges, barracas (valencian traditional house), La Albufera (the lake), women dressed with traditional valencian dress etc.  Inside, the decoration of the vestibule is beautiful, and then there is the iron nave over the rail roads. Daily connections to Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Alicante, Port Bou (French border), Granada, Zaragoza, Bilbao and trains to other provinces leave from here.

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  1. Inside the building, in the first hall, you can find a beautiful mosaic showing the wishes "Good travel!" in different languages. I always think it deserves a postcard!