Friday, 7 December 2012

Posázavský Pacifik Railway, Czech Republic.

Posázavský Pacifik is an 110 year old rail track, the most beautiful railway line in Central Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The rail track consist of  Prague - Vrané nad Vltavou - Čerčany/ Dobříš (line Nr. 210) which is a regional monorail railway. Čerčany branch together with a coherent section of track Nr. 212 is known as Posázavský Pacifik. The track passes through Jílové near Prague.  Under the name of Posázavský Pacific the railway line has become legendary in particular in terms of history of the Czech tramping and scouting, whence this popular name comes. The track is very popular especially for the Prague tramps.

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