Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mono Rail, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Monorail Line is an urban monorail system in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia. It opened on 31st  August 2003, with 11 stations running 8.6 km on two parallel elevated tracks. It connects the Kula Lumpur Central transport hub with the  “Golden Triangle” According to Ministry of Transport statistics, the annual ridership in 2008 was 21,765,233.  On 1 March 2012, KL Monorail was integrated with the Ampang Line light rail transit when the "paid-up" or restricted areas of the Hang Tuah monorail and LRT stations and Titiwangsa monorail and LRT stations, were physically linked up, allowing transfers without the need to buy new tickets.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Amsterdam Central Railway Station (1910), Netherlands.

This  is a view of Amsterdam Central Railway Station in 1910. The station structure remains the same even after 100 years, but the surroundings have changed. I have written about Amsterdam Central Station in one of my previous posts on 6th July 2010. You can compare this view with my previous posts and see the difference in the surroundings.