Monday, 14 November 2016

Official Post Card of Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC

This is a official (souvenior ?)postcard published by Taiwan Railways Administration in connection with Philataipei2016 Exhibition held in Taipei, Taiwan from21.10.2016 -26.10.2016. I picked up this card from the Taiwan Railways stall at the exhibition.

Mt. Ali Sakura Train, Alishan, Taiwan.

This card was also purchased when I visited Alishan on 24th October 2016. On this day the Steam Locomotive was not in operation.

Mt. Ali Sakura Train, Alishan, Taiwan.

I purchased this card when I visited Alishan Forest National Park in Taiwan recently (24.10.2016).  I was fortunate to take a ride on the forest railway now operating as a Tourist Train. On this day this very same locomotive was in operation. 

Tickets from my Journey 

Sacred Tree  - Alishan 

Alishan - Sacred Tree

The Strasburg Rail Road - Number 31, U.S.A

Bicentennial Loco No 200 at Rigby Yard, South Portland, U.S.A

A Local Railway Scenary in France.